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We come from a background working for one of the biggest technology providers in the location intelligence field. We have always disliked how they managed to turn this into a very exclusive and expensive technology allowing only a small number of clients to utilize it and achieve the best results for their businesses.

That was our motive and drive when we started Vamp Up. We wanted to allow you, our clients, to use the forever exclusive technology on wider range, by creating a set of products that are easy to use, affordable and accessible to the vast majority of businesses who has been excluded before.

We want you to be able to make decisions based on a structured and scientific methodology, utilizing data revolution, location intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Our aim is to help you achieve the desired business growth.

We will keep you updated with our progress, new technology trends, and more location intelligence use cases for your business.

This is just the start. We hope that you can trust, support and count on us, knowing that we are doing our best every day to create value and ensure an exceptional experience for you.

Do you want to learn how we can help you with your marketing segmentation & targeting?

    Use cases

    Different industries are using our market analytics to derive growth
    Maximize your marketing ROI with effective targeted campaigns.
    Are you a marketing or advertising professional who launches out of home or mobile online advertising campaigns

    Vamp Up will help you know where your target audience is, and tell you more information about their behavior, interests and living neighborhood trends.
    So that you can optimize the marketing tactics and content for your target audience, and thus increase your marketing ROI.

    • Discover the socioeconomic profile of any neighbourhood.
    • Understand where your consumers live, how much they earn, and what they are tweeting about.
    Increase the chance of your business success by selecting the right location to operate.
    Are you a supermarket owner, an experienced fast food chain manager or a drug store executive who want to open a new business store

    Vamp Up will help you know where your customers live and work, where your competition does not exist, and which areas have high movement density.
    So that you can find the right location to open your next store, and thus increase your business success.

    • Find out the best areas to open a new store.
    • Understand the profile of customers in your store service area.
    • Determine why certain stores are over or under performing.
    Make the right real estate investment for you and your clients
    Are you a real estate agent who wants to advice their clients on the next right property investment

    Vamp Up will help you determine the neighborhoods that fits your clients’ needs and matches their socioeconomic requirements
    So that you can have the same advantage big real estate firms have when deciding on their investment, thus making the right investment choice

    • Advise your clients on the neighborhood that fits their need.
    • Have the analytics that help you explain the value of the selected property to your client
    • Count on analytics and intelligence not only the experience and intuition

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